What do we as your Realtor® owe you in terms of agency duties? This is a complex question.  For complete details on what it means, please click on the link at the bottom of this page to give you specifics.  This information is provided to simplify what it means to have a CLIENT VS a CUSTOMER relationship with us as your Realtor®.

CLIENT relationships require full fiduciary duties.  This essentially means that we, as your Realtor®, must keep your interests at the forefront at all times.  We will be working in your best interests.  We would owe you:  1. Full disclosure (tell you everything we know about a property); 2. Confidentiality;  3. Loyalty;  4. Use of reasonable care and skill and;  5. Obey all instructions (lawful ones).

CUSTOMER  relationships  require honesty and integrity but fiduciary duties are not owed (see list above).  We would simply be explaining real estate terms to you, showing you properties, preparing and presenting offers or counter offers, telling you about lenders you could use, helping you know the costs involved in purchasing. 

When you start to work with us as your Realtor®, we will explain in full detail, what it means to have a Client VS a Customer relationship.  we will also explain what Limited Dual Agency (limited version of a CLIENT relationship) means to you as a buyer or seller.   If you are viewing one of our listings, we would either represent you under a Limited Dual Agency or as a Customer relationship. The specific situations determine what type of relationship is warranted.  If you are viewing a listing listed by a Realtor® other than ourselves, we would normally serve you under a CLIENT relationship. 

During the process of selling or buying, we will sit down with you and explain all what you need to know throughout the entire process.

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