Average payback potentials…

If you are renovating your home with the purpose of improving it for re-sale  it is important that you understand which renovations will yield the highest returns.  Not all renovations get paid back fully.  For example, landscaping  may not payback all the monies invested in it.  Some put payback on landscaping at approximately 35% of the cost however this is dependent on what you do. If you do an incredible landscaping job, it may help to sell the home but may not yield a full payback on the monies invested.  The Appraisal Institute of Canada 

The top 4 greatest payback potentials include bathrooms, exterior painting, kitchen renovations and Interior Painting. These are likely the best places to put your money!

We have a great table that we’d be pleased to discuss with you.  Please contact us and ask us for the Home Renovation Survey results put out by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.  We’d be happy to talk over what it means and send you a copy.

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